Where are you in life? - BREAKDOWN


Breakdown isn’t just a word. It’s a deep, sick feeling in the pit of your stomach. Things have gotten off track. Way off track. Relationships are falling apart. Your career is in jeopardy. Maybe an addiction has turned destructive. You don’t even have the breath to cry for help. But you haven’t given up.

Your flame is just an ember at this point but it hasn’t gone out. You want to have the will to fight for your life.

In the Encounter Training, you’ll first find a safe place. A place where you can let down your guard and just be honest with where you are. You can cry, scream or sit in silence. We’ll give you the chance to get real and work to the bottom of your pain. But the Encounter Training experience won’t leave you in the pit. You will walk away with renewed hope and powerful, new tools to help you rebuild.