Where are you in life? - LAUNCH


You’ve come to this point in life where you’re stepping out of your youth and into adulthood. It can be scary. It can be exhilarating. And you wonder if you have what it takes. Yes, maybe you’ve gotten the degree, the knowledge, the skills. But do you as a person have what it takes to succeed in life. Maybe you have a sense that the home you were raised in didn’t give you the best foundation. Maybe you just have no idea what you believe or why you believe it.

You are about to launch into life and you have an uncertain foundation.

The Encounter Training isn’t a lecture, a book or a set of instructions. It’s experiential. You’re going to find out what works for you through experiences in the Encounter Training. You’ll walk away more clear about who you are, what gifts you have and what it will take for a successful launch into the rest of your life.