Joshua & Amy Phillips

Joshua and Amy attended an experiential training like the Encounter in 1997 and found it to be transformative in their relationships. Then in 2005, they co-founded the Encounter Training along with Derek Watson. Joshua and Amy will celebrate their 25th anniversary in 2017 and have four adult children, all of which have been involved with the Encounter. They lead the local Encounter teams that serve the training and the local community.



Derek Watson

Derek Watson is the lead trainer for the Encounter Training.  He has trained thousands of people over the past 15 years, assisting them to reignite passion and empowering them to live in freedom.  Previously, Derek worked full-time in ministry.  Currently, he works in financial management and consults with companies and individuals in peak performance management.

Derek lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, with his wife Laurie, and their three sons, Reed, Soren, and Tristan.  He received his undergraduate degree from Princeton University in psychology and linguistics, and an MBA in finance from the Anderson School of Management at UCLA.  Derek is the primary author of the book "Killing the Victim Before the Victim Kills You: Building Relationships Through Keeping Promises", which examines the principles that contribute to living a victorious and vibrant life.


Margaret Phillips - ENCOUNTER ADVISOR

Margaret Phillips, M.S. holds a master’s degree in clinical psychology.  She is a clinical fellow in the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists and has over 30 years of experience in private practice as a state licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  She is a published author of "The Marriage Ark".  She lives in Nashville, TN, residing with her husband, Gary, of 48 years.  They enjoy their grown children and 13 grandchildren.


Jason B. Jones - Marketing ADVISOR

Jason B. Jones is an accomplished Creative Director and Designer in the Music Industry. Jason went through the training in November of 2015 and found it to be a life-changing experience. He continues to serve our team by using his marketing background to create, organize and deploy strategies that expand our ability to positively impact lives through the Encounter Training program.