At the foundation of the Encounter Training are timeless and universal principles … these are not new ideas, but a modern relevant method to learn about …

What experience are you committed to cause with others?

This unusual question first acknowledges that others are constantly having an experience from being with you. It creates purposefulness to our actions. This question is also an “others” focused question which helps you to love your neighbor as you love yourself.


The Power of a promise

One of the most tangible ways to show love is to simply keep your promises. If you pay attention to the day-to-day promises you make to others, it creates integrity for you and lets others know how valued they are. We would also assert that a broken promise is a cry for help. It’s tangible evidence that certain aspects of your life aren’t working.


What do you do with the time you have?

You only have so much time to spend and a limited number of people who you can spend that time with. In order to be intentional about how you spend your limited time, it’s valuable to discover and focus on those things which are most important in your life.


Prices and payoffs

When you break your word in life, there are prices that you and other people pay. Many of us are quite unaware of the prices other people pay when we don’t keep our promises. One major reason we break our word is the payoffs we receive. We all have an internal balance sheet of prices and payoffs. When you recognize that the prices that you and others pay outweigh the payoffs that you receive for continuing in your behavior, you’ll change.


Forgiveness is freeing

There are two things that bind you to others in life…promise and unforgiveness. When you forgive someone, you release them from the debt they owe you. The natural result will be freedom in your life as you are no longer bound.



The natural bent in life is to live in the Do-Have-Be mode. You do certain things in order to have certain things so that you can be somebody. It’s more powerful when you can begin from your being—who you are. With that clarity, out of who you are will naturally follow what you are to do and as a result, you can have the results you desire.


Giving and Receiving Feedback

Feedback is a powerful tool that helps your discover the perceptions that others have of you. With this insight, you have the opportunity to realign that image with who you truly are.


Joy of Celebration

We all need opportunities in life to celebrate with joy!


Giving and Taking

When with others, you are either giving to them or taking from them. These attitudes, which are distinct form actual giving or taking behaviors, can be discerned based on the results they produce. God calls us to give abundantly. The shift between these two experiences can happen quickly and often.


Sowing and Reaping

The Bible says, “God is not mocked. A man reaps what he sows.” If you look at the harvest in your life (what you are currently reaping), you can get a sense of what you have sown. If you desire to change what you’re experiencing in your life, you may have to change what you are sowing into it.


The Value of a Buddy

You need others to walk alongside you. God never intended us to be alone in life.


Being Who God Made You to Be

Behind the images and masks you present, there is the “true you” who God made. For most of you, that’s where you began your lives as children…free, unashamed, freely feeling and expressing the full range of emotions, excited with dreams and aspirations. You are each made to be a unique gift to the world and when you withhold yourselves, you withhold God’s gift to others.

Often, we withhold that unique creation out of self-consciousness. Another cultural term for our unique way of being is a “nerd”—particularly when we focus on ourselves. God made each person unique. When you focus primarily on yourself, your “nerdiness” grows and often leads you to hold back and conform to others out of embarrassment. However, your “nerd” is God’s gift to you and others and He intends for you to express freely and fully the gift He made you to be.


Good/Bad vs. Right/Wrong

There is a clear distinction between living out a Good/Bad paradigm versus a Right/Wrong paradigm. Living in Right/Wrong produces judgment, condemnation, arrogance and rule keeping. Good/Bad is rooted in results. What works best? What is most powerful in this situation? What would benefit others?