Supplemental Team Application

Brentwood - june 20-23

The supplemental team is a way be involved with the upcoming Encounter Training without committing to the full 4-day team experience.  It’s a way of saying: 

“I’m with you!” 

As a member of the supplemental team, you can:

  • Come to any team meeting.

  • Join the Facebook group for that specific Encounter Training

  • Join us for any dinner during the training

  • Come Saturday night of the training to assist or participate

  • Join us all day Sunday of the training

Here are the thoughts we shared for the in-room application:

The Encounter Training is always looking ahead. We just wrapped up an amazing April Encounter Training and are looking forward to the next adventure in June! This work simply doesn’t happen without a group of people who are willing to give their time and energy toward a specific training. When we had our first team meeting for the April Training, we literally had zero participants signed up. But the amazing April team gave a tremendous amount of energy to the cause over the next 8 weeks and we ended up with a sold-out Encounter! Amazing teamwork made it happen! And that opportunity is available again for the June Encounter.

Our theme for June is “Breaking New Ground.” We like to declare a theme for each training to give us a focus and a way of challenging one another. Now we have to give credit for this theme to Ron and Vickie Duggin who are heading up the Tullahoma training. This was the theme on their heart for the July training and Amy and I just loved it! When you hear the theme of Breaking New Ground, it causes you to ask “Where is the ground of my heart hard?” Tough question! But the journey toward whole-heartedness in life is never complete and we can always find areas that need to be broken up and made soft again. This is part of the journey we’ll be on over the next two months!

Joshua and Amy Phillips

Meetings held at 2474 Titans Lane, Brentwood, TN 37027

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