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Application is due no later than February 2nd.

The first training each year is a special time. Typically there’s around 6 months between the fall and spring trainings, so we’re excited to get back to the work of transforming lives! And, of course, this all starts with a group of people that band together in a commitment to serve their community through the Encounter opportunity. We call this “The Team.” And it’s all about commitment. Commitment to connecting with the team during team meetings. Commitment to inviting friends and family to the Encounter. Commitment to serving those 4 days. It’s basically saying “I’m going to put the Encounter on my Top 5 list of important things to me these next couple of months.”

Each training, we try to come up with a theme for the team. We just finished our Encounter RECONNECT retreat and one phrase came up several times that I loved: “Do it afraid!” When we feel called to do something, we step into it even if we’re afraid.  My mom shared how in college she threw up on her way to give a speech in one of her classes.  Her body was trembling, but her will was stronger, and she pushed through despite that fear. We want to bring forth that kind of courage and determination within the team.      

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