Team Application (Brentwood)

November 14-17

Application due August 9th

Our theme for the November 2019 team is Maximum Impact. We’d like to approach this season a little different than we have with previous teams. The primary difference is that we plan to have a much stronger emphasis on enrollment. This has not been as much of a priority in the past and we feel that we need to bring a heart for enrollment back into clearer focus. Our team meetings will include conversations where Amy and I (Joshua) will facilitate discussions about how to connect with friends and family in a meaningful way. Additionally, Derek plans to host a minimum of 3 group conference calls with the in-room and supplemental teams which will focus on coaching the skill of conscious enrollment. We also plan to incorporate one-on-one phone calls with each team member to best support the enrollment conversations.

Because of this shift for the November 2019 team, you can expect that the application process will be more rigorous and we may have a smaller team than usual which means that we may need to accept fewer applications. Also, we plan to set a more rigid deadline for participant enrollment for this training - needing 25 people signed up by October 25th in order to move forward.

All this said, we still hold to our core values surrounding the team experience with a desire to create an experience of connection and community. We continue to believe that we come together to honor God in all that we do with a conviction that it’s ultimately His work and we partner with God to bring freedom and light to those around us.

Who’s up for the challenge?!?!

Joshua and Amy Phillips

Meetings held at 2474 Titans Lane, Brentwood, TN 37027

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