Team Application (Tullahoma)

July 18-21, 2019

Application due April 19th

We are excited to announce the first Tullahoma Encounter Training! This is not only a Tullahoma first, but a first for New Creation Church to host a training. It has been our heart to have the training embraced by the church to empower the body of Christ more powerfully. It has been our experience that once a graduate reconnects with their church after the training, traditionally they become a more active member in being/serving in the church. We are inviting you to be a part of this journey.

And, of course, this all starts with a group of people that band together in a commitment to serve their community through the Encounter opportunity. We call this “The Team”.  And it’s all about commitment. Commitment to connecting with the team during team meetings. Commitment to inviting friends and family to the Encounter. Commitment to serving those 4 days. It’s basically saying “I’m going to put the Encounter on my Top 5 list of important things to me the next few months.”

Each training, we try to come up with a theme for the team. With this being the first training for the Tullahoma New Creation Church, the theme that comes up for us is “Breaking New Ground”. The song New Wine, New Power has spoke to many of us at New Creation Church. Where there is going to be new power, there has to be a surrendering and breaking of new ground. It is in the crushing and pressing that new wine comes. We want to enroll the kind of team that is ready to step up for breaking new ground.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Ron and Vickie Duggin

615-603-9396 - 931-273-1756

Meetings held at 1070 Old Woodbury Hwy, Manchester, TN 37355

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