Where are you in life?

The key ingredient in a successful Encounter Training is desire. The desire to move to a new experience in life. Whether that means growing, awakening, breaking through or launching, the Encounter Training can help you move forward.


Set up a firm foundation for the life ahead

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Excited and ready to take your life to the next level

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Recapture the life you've always desired

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Fight through the pain to a breakthrough

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What's next for you?

We feel most alive in our lives when we're moving forward.  The Encounter Training is about taking that desire to move forward and multiplying it in a very short 4 days. Through unique experiences and interactions facilitated by an Encounter Trainer, you'll come out of the Encounter Training ready to launch into what God has ahead for you.


Watch some stories from our graduates...

Terri Day - Class of July 2014

Karissa Curtis - Class of Nov 2015

Reed Watson - Class of July 2007

Josh Lauritch - Class of July 2017

Linda Meyers - Class of Nov 2015

Lindsey Williamson - Class of Apr 2014

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